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Indonesian Extreme Metal Documentaries

MINORITAS, Indonesian Extreme Metal Documentaries is 6 films documentary by Tri Andoko, was produced under independent media, "Indonesian Extreme Scene."


"The Devil In Devotion & Compassion"

1 Hour 4 Seconds

The figure of Doni Herdaru Tona has a big influence on the balance of animal populations, especially dogs and cats. Although not all corners of the earth he spread his positive inspiration. However, what he does is not only worthy of appreciation, the worthiness of continuing in the truth is one of the best rewards for him. Be consistent with Animal  Defenders Indonesia, which is also relevant to the campaign carried out with the band Funeral Inception over time. Doni becomes a strong character, which has its characteristics.


Extreme Indie Label Jakarta Part 1 & 2

Part 1 11 Minutes 41 Seconds

Part 2 18 Minutes 21 Seconds

The predecessors of the indie label extreme actors were able to give birth to competent
young people. In addition to creating the independence and creativity of young people, the development of extreme music will continue to survive with the existing regeneration. Consistency, as should be metal / underground music, must be maintained while stretching young people and the mushrooming of large/small events throughout the region. And Jakarta as one of the cities that has a great influence on the development of the country's metal scene, both in terms of musicians and industry.



"Eastern Mythological Documentary"

​44 Minutes 3 Seconds

Black metal music as a cultural defense. Formed in 1997 under the name "Demon Church." One full album titled "Api Dari Timur" became a strong identity as one of the archipelago's black metal. Its work is consistent with music, with the concept that it carries until now. Fire From the East, as its nickname. Frequent in and out of personnel changes, an obstacle in creating their second album. However, true productivity continues.


"KKDM (the Kediri Kingdom Death Metal) Documentary"

33 Minutes 2 Seconds

The Kediri Kingdom Death Metal became one of the idealistic death metal music communities in Indonesia. Even though it is not in the scope of a large urban setting, the Kediri Kingdom Death Metal or KKDM is reaching and guerrilla consistently by reinforcing their idealism through works created since 2008. KKDM with its idealism can show equal things and achievement. They can come to the forefront of the country's extreme music, with a schedule of gigs outside the region that is quite active. And not infrequently also a headliner.


"Documentary Portrait of Ujungberung Rebels

as a Bandung Metal Music Community Brand"

31 Minutes 59 Seconds

The metal music community in the city of Bandung dominates many extreme music events in Indonesia. Bands that have big names, were born in an area called Ujungberung, the eastern corner of Bandung. They built a community with an initial identity as Extreme Noise Grinding, Homeless Crew and Bandung Death Brutality Area (Badebah), who was born, large and guerrilla on the streets of Bandung. Besides regeneration that is consistently built, making communication an obligation is one of the keys to being a solid community.

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